When you think of Harlem NYC, you think of the Apollo Theatre, The Cotton Club, 125th Street and the countless stars and entertainers it has given birth to. But to witness the embodiment of an era is to witness the birth of something new. Nothing is more evident than the 27 year old Harlem born, Harlem the Artist!

Now in his prime, this singer, song writer and producer has been able to captivate audiences with his voice and set a standard above average for a new generation. Singing in five part harmonies, arranging music and playing the piano has put Harlem’s talent alongside some of the most sought after talents in today's music industry.

Harlem was influenced by Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, Tupac and Marvin Gaye to name a few. Whether Harlem is performing at shows or promoting his music in the streets, he is determine to get his new brand of music recognized on the big stage of the industry one day.

Being born and raised in one of New York's most infamous hoods, Harlem the Artist intends to not let the world forget where most of its renown singers and performers come from or at least pass through before making it to the grand stage.


Harlem the Artist started his music career at the young age of 13 with the support from his father.  Over time he's morphed into an impeccable singer and songwriter.  He independently released three underground solo CD’s including: “I’m a singer”, “The Life,” and “Situations,” which share the sound of R&B mixed with Hip Hop and urban influences.

Harlem has opened up for Tank, Joe, Jagged Edge, Donnell Jones and a host of other signed and unsigned artists. Harlem has received national exposure after winning and appearing on BET’s 106 and Park “Wild- Out-Wednesdays”.  

Harlem was also recognized as the "Best Male R&B Artist” during the 5th annual Underground Music Awards (UMA) held at the renowned BB Kings Restaurant in New York City. In addition, he was the 1st artist featured in VIBE magazine’s Unsigned Artist Series and named “the Hottest Underground Artist of the year”.   

Harlem is the epitome of a truly great musician in the making. When asked why he makes music, his response is “I don’t really feel I have a choice in making music, it’s in my DNA…something I couldn’t shake if I wanted to.  I just hope people can relate and appreciate my music”.  

Harlem the Artist; a man so passionate about music that his very purpose for living revolves around it. He literally does not rest until he’s captured innovation by means of beautiful, heartfelt lyrics and melodies.  His commitment to his music not only demonstrates who he is as an artist, but who he is as a man. Despite working tirelessly and breaking many nights in recording studios, he still makes the time to be a responsible older brother to his siblings, a loving son to his parents and a helping hand to his friends. He is truly a man of strong character, loyal to whom and what he loves, compassionate and giving of his time and energy and the most dedicated, talented, artist any company could ever have.

Harlem The Artist

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